Benefits of natural medicine and natural therapies for cancer and other diseases

natural medicine,natural therapies for cancer

Natural therapies are numerous and very old that come from different traditions and civilizations. The oldest approach comes from the field of phytotherapy that comes from herbal remedies (“Phyto” means in Greek plant), so this old field of therapy comes from the mist of time.

In the last centuries new forms of natural therapies appeared as a consequence of the commercial contacts between civilizations through the silk route in the Middle East. Thus therapies such as homeopathy began to appear with a holistic approach. Homeopathy versus Alopathy is the current dilemma in our society. We can use natural remedies as an alternative (within alternative medicine) or as a complementary therapy o medicine alongside with conventional medicine.

Therapies such as Homeopathy, acupuncture, phytotherapy or herbal therapy, osteopathy and so on are considered alternative therapies when they can be complementary combining their benefits with conventional approach.

Natural Medicine


Following we are going to present several natural medicine and active principle to treat many ailments.

Green Propolis: coming from the bees, it’s a great source of flavonoids and antioxidants due to the phenolic acid or artepillin C.

Echinacea: the most known and tested herbal medicine with a great properties to stimulate the immune system (the production of Lymphocytes T and interferon).

Tryptophan: It is an essential amino acid that helps to deliver serotonin, important hormone to regulate sleep and pleasure. It’s essential to balance sleep, anxiety and stress.

Aloe Vera: it’s a plant from Arabia and North of Africa with significant medicinal properties. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acid and enzymes.

Serrapeptase: It’s an enzyme from proteins with great anti-inflammatory properties.

Melatonin: It’s a hormone that is naturally in the body and regulates sleeping and therefore insomnia.

Ginseng: it’s plant that comes from traditional Chinese Medicine with great beneficial effects, such as immune system stimulation, antiaging properties, and increase of strength and stamina.

We can offer different natural remedies that contain the above mentioned remedies, with great purity and effectiveness. All of them come from the natural medicine, particularly from phytotherapy and homeopathy.

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