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Intravenous therapy with oxygen involves oxygen administration in the blood stream as a useful and simple medical intervention for the treatment of many chronic diseases. Oxygen is essential for cell metabolism and therefore the tissue oxygenation is a key factor so our vital functions can be reestablished and normalized.

It is a very important coadjuvant therapy for the treatment of many tumor diseases since cancer cells develop themselves in an anaerobic environment (without oxygen or in low oxygen concentrations) and are not able to grow in an oxygen enriched environment.

The main purpose of Oxygen Therapy is to provide the quantity of oxygen needed by our body in order to fight any condition or imbalance, and prevent tissue hypoxia (tissue with low oxygen concentrations). There are different types of hypoxia:

  • Anemic Hypoxia: when there is a situation regarding oxygen transport/distribution in the blood stream.
  • Hypoxemic: when there is a deficiency of arterial oxygen.
  • Circulatory: when there is a low pressure of oxygen in arteries.
  • Histotoxic: when the tissue is unable to use the oxygen that receives.

In short, providing more oxygen to the body is what this therapy does to help the body to normalize its functions and have a normal recovery from lesions included the tumour ones, since it creates an oxygenated environment which is contrary to the tumour processes. It is also used to maintain normal levels of oxygen in case of chronic respiratory insufficiency and other type of conditions that will be mentioned afteward. This way we can say that this therapy is very helpful for obvious reasons.

Another factor to be considered is the lifestyle to achieve a better body oxygenation, which is a suitable daily exercise according to our physical condition and a proper diet to have an adequate cardiovascular health to enhance a normal distribution of oxygen all over the body.

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Other applications of this therapy

Our clinic is specialized in complementary treatments for tumours, cancer, degenerative diseases, infectious disease and other. Therapy with oxygen is also indicated for the following diseases and conditions:

Pulmonary Emphysema (PE)

Which can be caused by tobacco and exposure to toxic gases. This condition is characterized by a severe lung deterioration reducing their ability to have oxygen. Therapies with oxygen can help to improve lung oxygenation.

Acute and Chronic Bronchitis

Caused by similar factors as PE and other factors such as continuous gastroesophageal reflux, virus infections such as flu. This condition can create bronchial mucous inflammation which makes breathing and oxygen storage harder.The increase of oxygen levels in lungs can help and reduce symptoms related to this condition.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Which damages airways, reducing their ability to inhale of oxygen and exhale CO2. Thanks to this therapy we can increase the quantity of oxygen, treating the effects of this disease.

Cardiovascular Problems

Conditions that reduce drastically the quantity of tissue oxygen, apart from the involved heart and circulatory problems. Therapies with oxygen alongside with other therapies can help to achieve an improvement increasing the oxygen quantity for the body.

Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome (OHS)

Obesity represents a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases but by itself can lead to respiratory conditions, so the first recommendation to prevent obesity is having a healthy diet and practising daily exercise for healthy lifestyle. However, for those that have already this condition, oxygenation is highly recommended. Yes, indeed, oxygenation in combination with other treatments and a healthy lifestyle can reduce and even eliminate obesity.

Acute and Severe Asthma

This therapy is indicated for those patients with respiratory insufficiencies of different nature such as asthma. The additional supplementation of oxygen provides a great recovery to those with respiratory problems.

Muscles Problems

Muscle tissue oxygenation is essential for a good perfomance in our body, If we supply extra oxygen in certain quantities, we can reduce the incidence of many illnesses, associated to our muscle structure.

Cystic Fibrosis

This is another disease that creates chronic lung damages. Oxygen supplementation in suitable quantities can mitigate the damages from this condition, reducing its effects.

In Wellbeing and beauty treatments

Since several years these treatments are being used for both purposes. Indeed, the extra-supply of oxygen can help to improve the elastiticity and firmness in tissues, mainly in the sking.

Some of our antiaging treatments include oxygentherapy alongside with Bio-identical hormones.

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Oxygentherapy in Integrative Oncology

Integrative Oncology combines conventional medicine with complementary treatments to improve results. One of the treatments more used is the Oxythermia, which is a combination of Hyperthermia and Oxygen therapy. We can oxygenize the body using not only oxygen directly but also herbs and other elements within Phytotherapy.

Other treatments include therapies with oxygen and ozone which are indicated for tumour patients.

Biomedic Clinic has a medical staff specialized in these treatments which are supervised by our oncologist.

Types of Oxygen Therapies

  • IV Oxygen: which stimulates cell oxygenation.
  • IV Ozone Therapy: with a 5% of ozone and the rest is oxygen for desinfection purposes too.
  • Biocatalytic Breathing: inhaling a pine essence we can optimize oxygen absortion by the cells and get rid of certain percentage of free radicals at the same time.

Contraindications of oxygen therapy

Children under 3 years-old.

Lung Embolism due to tobacco inhalation which creates a blockage in Lung Artery.

Integrative Medicine, oxygentherapy equipment

For this therapy we use the device “OXIVEN 2000m” to administer oxygen infusion through the vein. The IV Oxygentherapy also known as “Oxyvenation” was developed by Dr. H.S. Regelsberger, in which low dosage pure gaseous oxygen is administered slowly (1-60ml in every session) in a period between 2 and 4 weeks.

OXIVEN 2000n shouldn’t be used for acute illnesses such as heart attacks, apoplexy, high fever infections, pneumony, status asthmaticus, dry macular degeneration and septrum and antrum defects.

Additional information

Dr. Warbur received the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his studies in Cell Breathing specially in cancer cells. He said that cancer cells are anaerobic that means that they can live without oxygen or with low levels of it. Though it was not proven that low oxygen concentrations could cause cancer but these ones are a consecuence of cancer cells.

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