Oxygenation treatment

for cancer, tumours, degenerative and infectious diseases and other pathologies

Length of Oxythermia Treatment: 2 weeks program – Cost of Oxythermia treatment: € 4,400.00

Oxygenation Treatment

All our patients stay in a fully equipped apartment close to the clinic for their convenience.

This program is a combination between two synergic therapies to treat solid and located tumors being highly recommended for stage III tumors mainly but also it can be used in higher stage cancer processes. When combined with conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the results can be higher since hyperthermia helps to absorb the toxic compounds of the chemotherapy or the radiation and at the same time it helps to counteract the negative side effects of these conventional therapies.

What does this treatment involve?

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Medical Consultation

This is the first part of the program when the doctor examines and analyzes the specific case to be treated considering all the aspects of the problem with as much information as we can have such as diagnostic reports, previous tests, scan images and so on.

Oxygenation treatment, local hyperthermia

In located tumors, Deep Local Hyperthermia (with or without oxygen therapy), we induce heat by radio-frequency directly to the tumor cells to make them terminate themselves through the process of Apoptosis. If at the same time, we infuse intravenous oxygen, the mentioned process is enhanced since oxygen molecules are highly active to attack tumor cells and thus an aggressive environment is generated against the tumor.

Oxygenation treatment, local hyperthermia

Full Body Hyperthermia

Systemic or full body Hyperthermia is recommended most of cases with some exceptions. (it is an heat induction using infrared so we artificially create fever up to 39º Celsius. We use Japanese technology which is safe and efficient. With this therapy we achieve deeper detoxification and stimulation of the Immune System).

Oxygenation treatment, local hyperthermia

We administer intravenous oxygen to enrich the blood system with this beneficial gas to reach to the tumor areas. The molecules of oxygen when is heated vibrates higher and can create an adverse environment for tumor growth and alongside with heat they can have greater effects.

Oxygenation treatment, local hyperthermia

Phytotherapy and natural remedies

  • A combination of mushrooms that can empower our immune system,
  • Probiotics and prebiotics to reinforce our microbiota.
  • Regulators of the nervous system to release stress and anxiety and balance our sleep. 
  • Vitamins A, complex B, C, D3 and E, alongside with oligoelements and minerals. 
  • Alkalinizing and antioxidant natural products.
  • Special formulas with high availability curcumin. 
  • Essential Fatty acids such as omega 3. 


This program is carried out in 2 weeks and it gets started with a preliminary consultation with the doctor to inform the patients about it using consents letters. The physician assesses the previous medical reports and creates possible changes to personalize the program. Patient’s need determines the changes to be applied. Three consent letters will be provided, one for each therapy with all the indications and contraindications. Patients must sign them to certify that everything is clear.

Cycles of Repetition

It is recommendable to repeat the first cycle of 10 oxythermia sessions 3 months later to assess the progression of the therapies. After this period of time, we can determine the effectiveness of the therapies and we can recommend another 10 cycles to be done.

As a conclusion, we can say that this program is a good option for those that need to stimulate the immune system and treat located tumors or for those that need to combine their conventional therapies with these integrative therapies to counteract the adverse effect and maximize the beneficial ones. It is proven that a combination of hyperthermia treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy is highly efficient achieving a response rate from the tumor up to 80% in the best case scenario.

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