Ozonetherapy – Diabetic Foot

Ozone therapy has been used around the globe since the mid 1800s, but today is known as a naturopathic way of medical treatment. Health care practitioners in Australia, Europe, and the United States have used ozone therapy as a germicide and antibacterial, and dozens of medical journals have published articles relating the effective benefits of this therapy.

Ozone contains three oxygen atoms within each molecule, while the oxygen commonly breathed contains two. Devised to improve both circulation and the body’s ability to process and use oxygen in tissues and organs, it is believed to increase artery wall dilatation and relaxation, reducing effect of clogged or blocked arteries. It is also believed to help stabilize the immune system, especially for people suffering from autoimmune or allergic conditions.

Ozone for diabetes

One of the most interesting uses for Ozone is focused on diabetes, so Ozonetherapy is highly recommendable for Diabetic Foot. Here some data about this disease:

Statistics of foot amputations caused by diabetes:

  • 15% of diabetics develop an ulcer at least once in their lives.
  • Foot amputation  is necessary  in 20% of cases with ulcer.
  • In the U.S. amputations increased from 33.000 in 1980 to 75.000 in 2005.
  • 70% of amputations occur in diabetic patients.
  • Every 30 seconds a diabetic patient is amputated.

Ozone therapy‘s effects in diabetic foot:

  • It functions as a germicidal, bactericidal and fungicidal due to its high oxidizing power caused by low formation of peroxides;
  • Increases the microcirculation by improving elasticity of red cells:
  • Increases oxygen delivery to tissues by red blood cells;
  • Increases vasodilatatio;
  • O3 promotes platelet aggregation (scarring) and release of growth factors (for creating new tissues, vessels and cells);
  • Speeds up cicatrization;
  • Activates cell metabolism and improve their environment;
  • Activates cell respiration;
  • Increases blood circulation and oxygenation;
  • Restores the normal cell function;
  • Minimizes the risk of infection to the minimum;

Ozone therapy is non-toxic and does not cause side effects, oxygenizes the tissues, allowing blood to circulate better, improving cell performing and avoiding amputations in diabetic foot.

Source : Clinical Biomedic S.L.

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