Ozonetherapy – Natural Tumour Treatment

The main cause of any tumor is the lack of cell oxygenation. When the healthy cell is under hypoxia conditions (with less than the 35% of oxygen in normal conditions), a genetic mutation is carried out in the cell and it becomes unable to destroy itself, remaining alive performing with a new uncontrolled biological program of reproduction.

Ozonetherapy is a kind of Natural Tumour Treatment which are highly indicated as complementary therapy to reinforce the benefits of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Oncological Hyperthermia, minimizing their side effects above all against the immune system. This statement is based on scientific discoveries from Otto Varberg (1966) and Bappo (1974): lack of oxygen is the main cause of tumor development.

In 1980, F. Sweet provided scientific proofs about the antitumor action of Ozone.Therefore, we have to provide a surplus of oxygen as an efficient mechanism to counteract this uncontrolled cell program administering ozone cleaning at the same time the biological terrain from reactive species such as free radicals and certain bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Antitumor effects of ozone

The antitumor effects of Ozone are as follows:

  1. Selective inhibition of neoplasic cell growth;
  2. Increase of sensitivity of the most resistant tumor cells against chemo and radio;
  3. Antimetastatic effects depending on the dosage;
  4. Decrease of endogenous poisoning provoked by chemo;
  5. Decrease of toxicity from the tumor waste;
  6. Activation of aerobic metabolism in normal cells;
  7. Stimulation of the normal tissues regeneration which can inhibit tumor growth.
  8. Increase of Linphocytes count and phagocytic activity of neutrophils ;
  9. Increase of the oxygen transfer rate within cells to avoid hypoxia.
  10. Increase of production of Tumour Necrosis Factor and Interleukins 1 and 2.

Ozonetherapy treatments

ozonetherapy, natural tumour treatment

Natural Cancer Treatment with Ozonetherapy

Types of treatment with Ozone:

  1. Intravenous Infusions with an ozonated physiological solution.
  2. Rectal Insufflations with a mixture of Ozone and Oxygen.
  3. Autohemotherapy.

Keep in mind that the healing effect of this therapy are accumulative if it is applied regularly in tumor patients because the best results are achieved when there is a protocol followed in long term. Ozone will clean our body from toxins stored preventing and treating many illnesses such as tumor and infectious diseases.

Ozone Therapy as Natural Tumour Treatment is a complementary therapy which is a great option to fight any tumour process within the Human body.

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