Distance treatment for cancer

Distance treatment, personalized and at home therapies

How do these programs work for distance therapeutic services?

There are many patients that contact us requiring distance services since they can travel to our clinic for many reasons mainly due to patients’ weakness or because their state does not allow them to travel to Malaga, Spain. For those patients, we have designed distance programs that involved remote medical consultations and the design of tailored protocols that meet their needs.

We also have devices to be sent to the patient’s place to receive medical information to know the patient’s state so we can check out their progression and the results of the treatment carried out at home.

We are a team of health professionals, physicians, naturopaths, psychotherapists and other specialists in natural medicine to assess your case and look for the best therapies available.

How can you access to this treatment? Procedure

  1. Fill up our web form available on this website and provide us the information about your needs, disease and any other important data that can be useful to offer you the best therapeutic solution.
  2. We will request all the medical information (the more recent the better) to study and assess you case so we can design your personalized program.
  3. Once your distance program is designed, we contact you to book a remote online medical consultation in which we would request further information and will inform you about what therapies you can receive remotely.
  4. We keep regular contact with the patient to assess the adequate progression suggesting possible courses of action to be done or giving simply a second opinion about the diagnosis and treatments carried out locally.

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