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This therapy uses psychodynamic techniques (images and visualisations) to boost your immune system focusing your consciousness on it. It’s studied that positive emotions of happiness and joy stimulate our Immune System so that its response is stronger to fight infections and tumor cells.

This therapy is based on the principles of Psycho – Neuro – Immuno – Endrocrinology, a science that studies the interelations between the psyche and our nervous, immune and endocrine system, that is the link between body and mind and why not, the spirit (as more subtle energies within our being) and this science tries to explain how our psychological, biological, cultural, social and ecological systems interact to each other within their context and affect to provoke diseases and how they can be changed to recover our health. Its applications can be used in epidemiological studies about the interelation between our emotional states, stress, conducts, beliefs, and our neuroimmunoendocrine vulnerability to contract diseases.

If we focus our consciousness on our immune system cells so they carry out their task properly using positive emotions combined with creative visualizations, they will response receiving our thoughts through our nervous system and they can be reprogramed to perform their self-defense task, which is eliminating any infectious or tumor threat.

Through this visualization in Alfa State of Mind (brain waves emitted at between 14 – 8 cycles per second or Hertz), we can reprogram our subconscious mind to stimulate and encourage our immune system cells (Dendritic Cells, Lymphocites -T and Natural Killers) so they can detect the infections (viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites) and tumors  to eliminate them in any part of the body. This way, we can activate those cells, retraining them focusing our mind with great efficacy. To achieve that the patient must be also trained with the right knowledge to know how the Immune System works, and how the positive emotions can stimulate it. Combining this knowledge and positive emotions we can boost our Immune System and we can reprogram it to improve its level of performance against any threat, external or internal such as the case of cancer. This way, Psychoimmunotherapy is an innovative complementary anti cancer therapy.

Psycho-immunology is a scientific model which addresses human being integrally and offers a new vision, more wholistic and integrative. This field gives us the chance to work at different levels where ethics and rapport between doctor-therapist-patient are involved towards a more humanistic medicine.

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Within our Anti-cancer program, this field is applied using hipno and psychotherapy for last two years with promising results.

You can receive our anti-cancer psychotherapy online as a complementary therapy to reinforce your local treatment program against cancer.

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