PsychoImmunology for tumour treatment

PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI) is an interdisciplinar scientific field which is devoted to the study and research of interaction and communication  mechanism between the brain (mind/conduct) and the systems responsible for the homeostatic maintenance of our body (Central and Autonomous Nervous System, Immune and Neuroendocrine System) and its clinical implications.

PNI is a very recent branch from neurosciences from the 60′s in the States but nowadays has spread to several countries of Latinamerica and Europe. Basically in PNI they study the neurological impact of lenguage and mental processes on the immune and endocrine system. Thus the term coined by the american researchers in the 60′s is PsychoNeuroImmunoEndocrinology.

Studies on the effects of mood on cancer have shown that cancer patients who are depressed have lower natural killer cell activity (NKCA) in comparison to their non-depressed counterparts.  These findings come from 2 types of longitudinal studies: 1) studies following cancer-free people over time, measuring their mood and possible cancer onset; 2) studies following individuals already diagnosed with cancer and monitoring how their mood is associated with cancer progression.

Other factors including, anxiety, sleep deprivation, abortion, divorce, family illness, unemployment, personality, coping style, psychiatric illness, and war have also been shown to impact immune function.

Conversely, the immune system and disease can be  positively influenced by relaxation, humour, hypnosis, meditation, and positive attitudes.  These techniques induce a physiological “relaxation response” (as opposed to the stress “fight-or-flight” response), reducing blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, etc. Therapeutic interventions such as hypnosis, psychotherapy, and stress management techniques have demonstrated benefits in alleviating symptoms of chronic illnesses such as cancer, and latent viral infections such as herpes.  Immunological changes are also documented as a result of these interventions. 

PNI must provide basically  knowledge about the biological dynamics of human medicine and medical complementary techniques and offers to develop new non-lineal models of health and illness.


  • In illnesses where the Immune System plays an important physiopathological role such as autoimmune, inflammatory, AIDS, cancer, etc.
  • Treatments and tolerance of psychopathological upheavals (stress, anxiety and depression).
  • Chronic and acute inflamatory pain.
  • As a Coadyuvant treatment for oncological active treatments and its side effects.

Many of the techniques used to face cancer diagnosis against stress and anxiety and the vital changes that are involved, are based on the use of PNI principles.

At Biomedic Center, using hypnotherapy we induce a fantastic journey within the human body to strenghten and stimulate your immune system so it can work properly against any tumor. We induce an effective imaginery like a movie to restore the neurological comunication between your brain and the affected area through the power of spoken word, visualization combined with positive emotions.

Under an hypnotic state you will feel how your consciousness is traveling within your body to inspect and send messages of health and efficiency to your immune system cells so they can eliminate any cancer cell. Everytime we visualize under hypnosis we create a virtuality which can create a new healthy reality in our own body.

Come to experience this new science to recreate yourself from within.


Biomedic Center Team

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