EFT tapping, Emotional freedom technique tapping

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture or digitopuncture technique only we do not use needles. Through tapping the meridian points we can unblock them at the same time we are making positive statements about the issues we want to balance.

Emotional issues are the main cause of many diseases (almost the 85% incidence). That’s why it is necessary to use simple and direct techniques to set negative emotions free that are usually easily trapped in different parts of the body.

EFT uses the meridians therapy as a good approach for a self-deliverance based on the principle that the mind and body form an integrated system profoundly interconnected. Rely on there is a wisdom within our mind and body that provides all you need to restore health and wellness. Any recovery occurs when we tune into every physical and psychological problem meanwhile we are tapping on different body points to set the blockages free which are trapped in it, and thus, using understanding, we can solve the emotional issue at the first place and then many physical problems can be resolved too.

The founder of the EFT, Gary Craig, developed a system, treating many Vietnam war veterans who suffered Post-Traumatic Stress, due to the horrible experiences lived in that war. EFT is an unquestionable help to treat and manage our life challenges and many emotional issues such as food disorders, addictions, rage, sadness, pain and fear, guilt, relationship problems and emotional traumas in general.

How it works the EFT therapy

The goal of EFT is to release emotional problems. This therapy is based on a basic principle: old emotional wounds can be stored in the body as emotional blockages (psycho-energetic blockages). If we stimulate certain energy points following the meridians, using a gentle tapping we can remove the disturbance or unbalance in those points, allowing the system mind/body to process the trouble so it can be set free. A neurologist Dr. Candace Pert, discovered that emotions can be in the body as well as in the brain. In fact, there are neurons all over the body and the cells have emotional receptors and are able to store emotions. According to her discoveries, there is a constant intercellular communication between the brain, glands, organs and the immune system that form a great system, a system of systems, the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune System, PNEI System. This was an amazing discovery!!!

At energetic level, the meridians and the nerves (at physical level), take the information through micro-electrical impulses to all over the body. Chakras (at energetic level) and glands (at physical one) act as great energy transformers, converting the energy into micro-electrical impulses (information) these ones into chemical substances such as hormones, enzymes and so on to create physiological changes in the body cells. Dr. Candace Pert discovered that there are clusters of cells with emotional receptors in those areas where chakras are supposed to be according to Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. Therefore it is essential to unblock those chakra areas on regular basis and EFT is an efficient technique to do it so.

Our hands and forehead radiate a very powerful energy. In this therapy we use certain parts of the body to perform the tapping. Negative energies are represented by negative thoughts and emotions that can create an adverse effect in the meridian flow, provoking energetic blockages in the long run. EFT, literally, can dissolve those negative states within the body, promoting the energy flow to be softer and constant.

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Energy points for EFT technique

EFT, Emotional freedom Therapy

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EFT procedure

  • First: We determine what the person needs to address: relationship problems, health, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, sadness, etc…
  • Second: The person has to choose a very specific event that triggered the issue, the more specific the better, we ask the patient: What kind of issue in your life would you like to deal with at this time?
  • Third: When the person is recalling that event, we ask them to relive the emotions associated such as: feeling hurt, rejected, deceived, angry, lonely, abused, frustrated, guilty, depressed, outsider, oversensitive…” Then he/she must rate the level of emotional pain from 0 to 10. The first number that pops up into his/her mind is the correct one.
  • Fourth: do a clearing beforehand if the person is skeptical.
  • Fifth: Meanwhile you are performing soft and constant tapping the energy points distributed all over the body, repeat the balancing and positive statements to set the emotions free in relation to the negative events and associated emotions to be treated.
  • Sixth: After performing several rounds with the tapping and repeating the statements, we perform again the rating to get to 0 or near 0 value, which is an ecological level.
  • Seventh: To finish off, we take at least 3 deep breaths, sending love the past situation solved, knowing that everything is settled and balanced at last.

We recommend this therapy which is as simple as effective to set pending conflicts free, issues that can create many problems including psychosomatic illnesses in the long run.

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Scientific evidence of energy points

Dr. Harold Saxton, professor of neuro-anatomy in Yale University, performed micro-electrical measures in many life forms, from worms to mold, from trees to human beings and he confirmed that there is an electromagnetic field in and out every form of life. Also Reinhold Voll, M.D, discovered that the areas where the acupuncture points are show a significant decrease in the electrical resistance on the skin compared to non-acupuncture points. He developed afterwards, a technique called electro-acupuncture technique. Later, in France, scientists discovered that meridians pathways exist in the body using radioactive tracers. This experiment was repeated many times with the same conclusive results.