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Having a mind balance is a key factor for optimal physiological and vital functions of the body. Altered states of mind such as stress, anxiety and depression can affect negatively our body starting from the immune system at the first place and the creating many problems in other areas and systems of the body.

For this reason it is necessary to treat those psycho-emotional imbalances so the body is able to recover its balance and functionality, since in case there are treated, many alterations and physiological problems can be manifested such as respiratory issues, low cell hydration and toxicity in many body areas.

There are numerous techniques in psychotherapy to re-balance these emotional states and fix the psychological damages so the body can restore its natural defences.

For those that suffer very serious disease, anxiety, stress and depression can be even worse because their condition and also these can worsen their state even more. In these cases, psychotherapeutic treatments are highly recommended since they help the patient to treat his/her condition and prepare for the changes he/she has to dace in his/her  daily life: long-term treatments, strict diets, changes in their lifestyle and in case of cancer, they also have to face chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


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