cerebral hemispheres sincronization, psychotherapy method

Brain Hemispheres Synchronization (BHSync): it is a therapy of emotional freedom. The human brain is divided into two parts clearly differentiated called Brain Hemispheres, the right and the left one. Each side and brain area is responsible for different processes according to functionality.

The brain has a complex system to manage emotions that creates a sensorial world, this way we can get solutions to every ordinary or extraordinary situation in life. Any disturbing event is processed by the brain (our mind) in a particular way according to past experiences and associations, every event can provide us a learning that can be integrated to be used coherently in the future.

Our hemispheres are constantly interconnected by neuronal bridges to interchange useful information that helps us to solve pending problems achieving mental and emotional health, and therefore also a balanced body.

Every trauma o unexpected situation can impact or disturb us creating an unbalance, often temporal, and this way we can lose the synchronicity between hemispheres, forming a blockage that can be overwhelming and makes us be unable to resolve problems. Then, our brain does not find the needed resources to overcome a situation. For example, when a traumatic impact generates negative emotions that remain trapped in the right hemisphere, the person remains overwhelmed by the lack of acceptance with negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, low self-esteem, pessimism and physical symptoms like dry mouth, a blockage in the stomach, even diarrhea, etc. All of this creates a traumatic memory not processed adequately (an unfinished or pending conflict) that remains in the mind and even in the body for a long period of time.

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How the cerebral hemispheres sincronization work?

To resolve these traumas and be able to find the emotional balance it is necessary that all the information trapped in our neuronal networking, mainly in the right hemisphere, is processed or managed creating a suitable solution to those pending conflicts. We have to get a natural process of healing started in our brain creating neuronal bridges to unblock all the information which is stuck.

Cerebral hemispheres sincronization, Psychotherapy treatments

This way, through this technique we can activate our brain networking dissolving stuck areas, blockages, and emotional traumas, providing to the patient all the resources possible to resolve pending negative events. Balanced parts of the brain are connected with those that are blocked, creating neuronal bridges between them, so that the patient can find and focus on the right solution on every situation, expanding consciousness and generating positive emotions and new resources.

This is about, in short, correcting and balancing the altered neurophysiology, which is a direct cause of all the negative symptoms, achieving deliverance from the emotional pain and producing understanding, acceptance and emotional wellbeing in the patient.

David López, Psychotherapist, Expert in BHSync
Source: Maruxa Hernando, Psychologist and creator of the Therapy BHSync

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