Quantum Scio Bioresonance

Quantum Scio is a high-technology therapeutic system that helps to find unbalances in every health area. It detects pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, negative mental patherns, alimentary sensibilities  decoding the biological reaction and the resonance in the organism.

The information is totally different from standard medical tests (e. g. blood analysis or X rays) because it is focused on the organism at vibrational or frequencial level, and is able to give a complete vision of every health area.

After measuring the frequencies of the body, the SCIO device receives feedback to its own stored frequencies to send new balanced frequency to restore or neutralize negative waves patterns. In some cases, it can add certain frequency, in other, it reverses them in order to improve or balance the wrong resonances from the organism.

In each diagnosis, Quantum Scio measures the biorresonance of the body and determines the benefit obtained since the last test. If an improvement has occurred, the resonance gets balanced automatically. The benefits remain, and the frequency balances the part of body where it’s stored depending on requirements of the organism.

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This biocybernetic system allows us to test our patients with the most advanced technology, using a mathematical model developed by Prof. Nelson, so that we can process biological information at a electrophysiological level.

We can test the patient with 10,000 bioresonance frequencies that allow us to identify the most important stressors, toxins, allergens, pathogens, unknowns affections and mental and emotional disorders.

The device will show a summary of the processes that mainly affect the patient and will suggest us how to deal with them using different biofeedback and bioresonance to restore the balance in the body.

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