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Anatheoresis is a regression therapy which was created by Joaquín Grau. According to his creator, the term Anatheoresis means: “to look backwards watching the past in order to unbury it and bring it to the present to be understood and cleared up“. Grau named this way to differentiate it from other hypnotic regressive techniques, since he considers Anatheoresis as a doctrinal body based on the clinical experience and scientific principles and not in speculations or metaphysical believes and creeds.

Anatheoresis is defined as a regressive psychotherapy with a perceptive component which considers the illness as a physical or psychic dysfunction with emotional causes. The therapy induces in the patient a simple but profound relaxation without administering drugs or using electronic components. It induces a non-ordinary state of mind called IARS. In this state of mind we can dive into our subconscious to find the emotional damages created in the past since our intrauterine period, our birthing and our childhood (between the age of 7 and 12 approximately). Thus we can establish a profound and analogical link between our past damages and our present physical and emotional dysfunctions. When we literally pull out these past negative events and bring them to the present, we clear them out through the understanding of the reason why we are suffering. This way a great discharge of our inner burden is set free, the causes of all symptomatology are dissolved and therefore the illness and its effects are eliminated.

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  • Depression, anxiety and stress
  • Addictions
  • Phobias and philias
  • Any psychosomatic diseases
  • Metabolic alterations like Obesity, anorexia and bulimia
  • Tumour diseases and chronic diseases
  • and any psychoemotional imbalance

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Anatheoresis psycho therapy, Regression Therapy, our psychotherapist

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