Regressive therapy

Anatheoresis is a psychological therapy created by the Spanish anthropologist Joaquín Grau. According to him, the word Anatheoresis comes from Greek language and means: “looking back in time, to expose the past traumatic events so they can be understood in the present”.

The creator of the therapy use this Greek term to differentiate it from other hypnotic regressive techniques, since he considered Anatheoresis a doctrine set based on clinical experience, neuroscience and scientific principles and not in beliefs or metaphysical doctrines.

This is a regressive psychotherapy with a perceptive character which considers diseases as psychological and physical dysfunction with an emotional cause. Its therapeutic effects is based on an induction of a clinical relaxation (autogenic training) without administering drugs or electronic machines, with the purpose to induce a mental state called IARS (Induction of the Anatheoretic Regressive State), which is a theta state of mind. This regressive state allows us to go back in time when the traumatic events took place even when we were in our mother’s womb passing through the birth, childhood (between the age of 7 and 12 years-old), up to the present moment.

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what results can you obtein with regressiver therapy?

This type of Regressive Therapy with our specialist can solve many of the emotional causes of the illness, such as past traumatic events which can trigger serious physical manifestations (somatizations) since these events represent pending conflicts that our inner mind is trying to resolve creating an illness.

Any sickness or dysfunction can be treated by this psychotherapy with the exception of mental illnesses because they require a strong medication to control their powerful symptoms. Good results have been registered in tumor diseases when they are treated on time before the illness is irreversible.

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The Regressive Therapy performed by our psychotherapist can solve the emotional causes of your illness