Relax to be healthy

Once upon a time, there was a very far away village where people lived very happy. All the neighbors took life easy and did not have watches, if there was one in the street was damaged and no one knew for how long. The village physician did not open the consultation until 11 am because he knew that there would be none waiting due to they all woke up late. Most of the villagers were very old but did not suffer the “infirmities of age” that we usually know, they had not high levels of cholesterol and no dementia.

The visits were not arranged, and friends could come at any time without notice. The rugged countryside made people walk up and down the hills up to 20 times a day, which kept their bodies in shape. They always napped, ate the gifts of the earth and drank daily herbal tea….

This might seem the beginning of a fairy tale, but it is real and the village exists. It is Icaria, southeast of Greece. And it is one of the 5 places with longer-lived people in the world, including one in Spain with 18 centenarians among its neighbors and the same way of life that we described.

And this is just the proof of the direct relation between stress and health. Nor is it insignificant that the Greek village have less 20% of cancer cases in the rest of the country.

Relaxed life

Relaxed life has clear effects on our body and stress has radically different biological effects. Situations of high stress trigger an instantaneous reduction of the activity of T-lymphocytes and NK (natural killer) responsible for generating the response to the attacks of disease.

Furthermore the process of DNA repair and apoptosis, responsible for cell death in cases of detecting malignant cells is altered. This will gives free way to oncogens that can make cancer cells grow. Genes and tumor suppressor proteins are also de-activated, vulnerability to viral infection is increased and increases the hormone cortisol too, which generates blood glucose to feed tumors.

So let’s start with little things like taking off the clock when we get home, switch off the phone when you finish your workday or not set the alarm on the weekends to get lower our stress level!! And if you can afford holidays in Icaria to rest… please tell us how wonderful it is when you are back!

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