The right natural nutrition for prostate cancer

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Taking care of the food is a key factor to treat any kind of cancer. This factor is essential and necessary to take care of, but it is not normally effective enough if it is not combined with other therapies. In fact, a bad nutrition can be one of the main factors to develop a tumor disease and can lead to any type of cancer. It is estimated that the 35% of the cancer incidence comes from a bad diet.

Daily diet recommendations

Following, we are going to list some recommendations in relation to a healthy food that we need to include in our daily diet to prevent or treat prostate cancer in particular and cancer in general:

  • High fat diets are not recommendable, since the risk of having cancer can be increased, particularly in having prostate cancer for men over 65 years old. We need to avoid high fat meal such as cured meat, whole milk, butter, fried food, sweet pastry, etc.
  • Fiber-rich food is indicated such as vegetables, fruit and legumes, which contain beta carotene and Vitamin C, great phytochemical agents which protect us against this type of cancer and many others.
  • We need to add to the diet Omega 3 although this is a fatty acid; it can control and regulate the level of other damaging saturated fat, included in Olive and flaxseed oil, Chia and walnut oil.
  • It is necessary a suitable proportion of proteins in order not to compromise the Immune System and thus worsening the situation with cancer. This way, we need to balance every dish with a combination of white meat and fish with rice, potato (not fried) or vegetables.
  • It would be a great thing to add vegetables with a reddish color because they contain a great proportion of flavonoids like lycopene which has proven antitumor properties and prevents from having Hyperplasia Benign of Prostate. Food enriched in antioxidants such as tomatoes, capsicums, carrots are highly recommendable. We also can take food supplements in form of capsules or powder.
  • Green Tea is rich in antioxidants too because it contains catechins, another ingredient that can help a lot in these cases.
  • Many ingredients within the Mediterranean Diet have anticancer properties, not only because they provide Omega 3 and fiber but also Vitamin E which is mainly in Virgin Olive Oil that must be ecological extracted with a procedure called “First Cold Pressure”. This vitamin is anti-inflammatory and anticancer since it is capable to stop the growing of tumor cells in the prostate, but also in the colon and breast.
  • Indirectly related to the food, the plastic containers and packaging play an important role in our health. According to the Oncological Center of Cincinnati in USA, the plastic components in certain containers have a direct connection with prostate tumor (benign and/or malignant). The compound Bisfenol A is concretely a very carcinogenic mainly for the prostate.

Changing our lifestyle

Alongside with these recommendations we need to change many aspects of our lifestyle such as avoiding the consumption of alcohol and tobacco and including daily exercise in moderation. These types of recommendations can be applied not only for the treatment of the prostate cancer but also to prevent or minimize the risk of having it, above all if we have a genetic predisposition to get any type of cancer.

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