Stress – cancer connection, correlation, cause

stress cancer connection, cancer cause

Every person has cancer cells in the body but they are not showing up in the standard tests until they are billions accumulated in a tumor mass. When they are multiplied to a few billions, the tumor can be detectable.

Even a healthy body can produce up to 150.000 cancer cells every day, but our immune system is highly efficient to get rid of them without a problem. The cells responsible to indicate degenerated cells and organize the immune defense are Dendritic Cells. They can get bio-information from the tumor and activate other immune system cells to attack tumor cells that are properly identified.

Stress plays an important role to inhibit this process of self-defense and therefore it helps to be more exposed to tumor activity. With high level of stress we are disabling our immune defense and the tumor can grow easily almost without opposition.

Therefore is a must to treat and control stress in order to stimulate the immune system to engage the problem of having tumors or even better to prevent that from happening.



Reduced Immune System Activity

Stress can reduce the Immune System activity, many type of immune system cells cannot perform their defense performance against any threat (low performance of NK, DC and T-cells Activity).

Faulty DNA Repair Mechanisms

Stress reduces the DNA repair mechanism; this mechanism can fix any mutation taken place in the Cell DNA located in the nucleus of the cell, therefore mutations can be accumulated without being fixed, letting DNA mutations create more tumor cells constantly.

Faulty Apoptosis (death cell mechanism)

It blocks Apoptosis function, the natural necessary function so any old cell terminates itself in order to be replaced by a new one, normal process of death cell. Tumor cells don’t terminate themselves because this function is deactivated due to high levels of stress.

Oncogene Activation

Oncogenes are proteins with the information of cancer to be manifested. They must be inhibited so they don’t create tumor cells. Stress activates oncogenes to be expressed.

Tumor Suppressor Genes De-activation

Stress deactivates Tumor Suppressor Genes/Proteins; those proteins can suppress the creation of tumor cells and can block those oncogenes.

Increased Susceptibility to have viral infections

Stress can increase the susceptibility and some of them can generate more cancer, because there are viruses that are carcinogenic. They introduce within a healthy cell their own DNA code, and therefore they produce mutations after mutations creating eventually tumor cells. Those types of viruses can be: Epstein – Barr virus (EBV), Papilloma Virus (HPV), Hepatitis B and C, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), etc.

Increased Cortisol Levels

Psychological Stress can increase Cortisol (Stress Hormone) levels in blood that promotes angiogenesis (which is the process of creation of blood vessels) also around the tumor area, a process that makes glucose available to feed the tumor encouraging the tumor growth.

Hypoxia (low levels of oxygen)

Stress can interfere the distribution of oxygen in the body which can creates hypoxia or low levels of oxygen in certain parts of the body, It is proven that when a healthy cell is in hypoxia, has to adapt to that new environment creating mutations and therefore becoming a tumor cell eventually.

The importance of controlling stress

So we need to control stress not only to avoid cancer but also to treat it using relaxation and visualization techniques to live a regenerative life instead of a stressful life.

In Clinica Biomedic, we have an online program to treat and release stress using simple psycho-dynamic techniques such as psycho-immunotherapy, EFT, Brain Hemispheres Synchronization (BHS), visualizations and meditations, regression therapy and much more.

We have to tell you, that if you don’t treat your stress, the rest of the therapies may not worked and if they do, they won’t give the desirable effects since Stress blocks many physiological process that must be reinforced with any external therapy.

In the case of cancer, stress plays an important role that must be treated with the right approach so we can have synergies with other suitable therapies.

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