stromal vascular fraction

Stromal Vascular Fraction is an adipose-derived tissue, extracted mainly from the abdominal fat which contains a great number of cells with high regenerative power to fix damaged tissue. Within this fraction many different cells can be found such as stem cells, immune cells, platelets and red cells in general. Among these cells, we have to point out stem cells because of their regenerative and vitalizing power since they can convert themselves in other type of cells to replace the damaged tissue.

We have to keep in mind that the therapy with SVF cannot be called “Stem Cells Therapy” since there are many other types of cells within this fraction though there is a good concentration of stem cells in it.

What can this therapy be used for and which are its advantages?

The therapy with SVF that comes mainly from adipose tissue can help to recover many types of lesions caused by the daily routine or physical exercise; it can speed up lesions provoked by traffic or domestic accidents. When joint and muscle damage takes place, this therapy has a lot of to say to promote tissue regeneration, even bones, cartilage and nerves can benefit from it when they are not necrotized. It was proved that in some spine reversible lesions the time of recovery was significantly decreased.

Thus, we can list the following applications for Stromal Vascular Fraction:

  • All type of regenerative treatments in general.
  • In particular, treatments to recover mobility, lesions from accidents or physical exercise.
  • Odontology complementary treatments.
  • Wound healing, for ulcers and similar.
  • Organ regeneration such as pancreas, liver and similar.
  • In aesthetic medicine, it can be apply for breast and gluteus enlargement or for their reconstruction.
  • Muscle lesions reconstruction provoked by surgery.
  • Treatments for damaged skin with serious dermatological problems such as scleroderma among others.
  • To counteract the toxic side effects on the damaged tissue from radiotherapy.
  • To speed up the regeneration from joint lesions and bone fractures.
  • To treat anal fistulas very characteristic en Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis cases.
  • As an anti-inflammatory and pain treatment in many cases.
  • Reversible spine lesions, speeding up the recovery in long restorations.
  • In odontology, the SVF therapy is used when there is a bone deficiency to perform future implants.

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What kind of side effects may appear?

Since this therapy is “autologous”, that means that it’s produced by our own body, there is no cell rejection whatsoever and side-effects derived are almost non-existent. Simply light inflammations and redness may appear which are derived from the administration of the therapy. These effects normally disappear a few hours later after the session.

The administration of the therapy is performed with local anaesthesia, so the pain is practically none, not even after the anaesthetic effects are disappeared. Nevertheless there are typical contraindications such as pregnancy and breast feeding or during inflammatory and allergic processes.

Conclusive clinical trials were conducted which discard that the treatment with mesenchymal pluri-potential stem cells can provoke any type of tumour process since they cannot evolve into tumour cells at all because they have nothing to do with these ones, this way it is scientifically proven that they cannot create cancer cells.

How is this therapy administered?

Firstly and after the administration of local anaesthesia, an extraction of the sample is performed using a technique called “liposuction” as it is carried out in aesthetic medicine. A 50 cc is extracted to be centrifuged and this way we can isolate the desired fraction where there are several millions of mesenchymal stem cells suitable for the treatment. In fact, the SV Fraction from adipose tissue has far more stem cells than the bone marrow.

It takes one hour and a half approximately to achieve the desirable fraction ready to be infiltrated. This process has to be made by specialist physicians to have guaranties so we can achieve a properly activated and isolated fraction. The results can be perceived in short-term and they can spread in the medium to long run with great effects for the immune system, reducing the pain progressively because its anti-inflammatory action. A great regenerative and immune action is produced, with an appropriate angiogenesis (creation of blood vessels) to promote a suitable blood irrigation to regenerate the damaged tissue this way.

This process must be done by specialised doctors who will recommend this technique according to each case to achieve the best possible results.

This technique of regenerative medicine is used to fix the damaged tissues because of many causes such as accidents, surgery, degenerative processes, etc, and this way it can help our body to regenerate itself naturally.

If you have an illness and want us to study your case, fill out our medical form with a brief explanation of your case.


How often is this technique applied and when to expect results?

According to each patient/case and the seriousness of the lesion and according to the specialist’s criteria, it can be necessary to repeat the process after 6 months of the first infiltration and this second one is done if there were partial results which weren’t enough to achieve our therapeutic aims.

Which other applications are being developed?

At our clinic, we are introducing this therapy with new applications to offer a proper answer to patients’ needs that are looking for natural aesthetic-sport treatments which may be less invasive.


Due to this treatment is “autologous”, which means that the biological samples come from our own body, there is not rejection at all and therefore the derived side-effects are minimal or non-existent. The only side-effects are related to the mere administration of the treatment such as local redness or irritation and rashes, no more.

These side-effects normally disappear after a few hours after the treatment.

A local anaesthesia is administered so there is not local pain, not even after its effects have disappeared.

However, the typical contraindications are: breastfeeding, pregnancy, inflammatory and acute allergic processes.

There are a few conclusive clinical trials which discard that the use of SVF with pluri-potential mesenchymal stem cells from fat tissue may create any type of tumours since these cells cannot convert themselves into tumour cells and biologically they don’t have anything to do with them because they belong to different cell lines. Therefore this possibility is totally discarded.