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New analysis and test technique, thermotherapy is a type of diagnosis that helps to gather more information about your state of health.

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Thermography, analysis and test Málaga

Thermography consists on taking of images that detect the heat emitted by the body so we can watch patterns of activity a few millimetres from the skin connected to blood supply, lymphatic circulation and even nerve activity of the sympathetic autonomous system. It is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that emits no radiation and it is performed without a direct contact with the human body.

Specifically, the thermographic camera, using the infrared spectrum of light, detects the thermal emission of the bodies and reflects it in “thermograms” or thermal photos in which you can see a wide range of colours ranging from very warm colours such as red to very cold as deep blue passing through the whole range.

This type of analysis is indicated for the following cases:

  • Oncology patients as a complementary test to support other conventional diagnostic techniques.
  • Hormonal dysfunctions of specific glands of the body.
  • Cardiovascular and vascular problems of the locomotive system.
  • Indicated for preventive medicine, anti-aging and sport medicine.

It is therefore an ideal diagnostic method to complement the other types tests such as blood and urine tests.

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We observe the heat emission of the body using the infrared light spectrum to make a thermal map of the body or area to be imaged. The aim is to detect normal and abnormal patterns of activity.

In other words, this type of test analyses, through real-time visualization of infrared light emitted by the body, the patterns of activity of the circulatory and nervous system to be compared over time and detect abnormalities compatible with certain disorders, diseases or dysfunctions.


The patient is properly informed about the entire procedure and then gets ready to be photographed by the thermal camera in the appropriate positions to capture the area which is the subject of the consultation.

At least four thermal shots are taken from different perspectives, and it has to be verified that they have been taken properly through the software that processes them to check out the integrity of the pictures so the results are analysed for a later proper medical interpretation.

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From the thermal pictures, we basically obtain values of temperature ranges on the surface of the skin that give relevant information in terms of blood and lymphatic circulation as well as nervous activity.

We, therefore, obtain a thermographic map of areas of the body that can reveal certain physical and physiological conditions that have to be analysed by the medical team to achieve a compatible diagnosis.