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Tinnitus means the perception of a sound in one or both ears when there is no extern sound which can produce it, so the person affected by tinnitus senses a sound even in a total silence ambience. In Spain 12% of population suffers from this disease. The people who suffers of tinnitus are always looking for the proper way of solve it and experience with new techniques. One of these is Laserpuncture.

The sound is described in different ways: hiss, bells, crickets, water noise, noise of rain and storms, etc. This sound is always subjective, only affected hears can listen it. The sound can not be listened by people around you, because it is a sound that “does not exist” and only “exists” in the misperception of the affected person.

tinnitus, laser acupuncture

When tinnitus is severe the disease becomes an insurmountable hassle that reduces quality of life of affected person because of psychological inherent troubles: sleeping difficulty, inability to concentrate that can affect professional life of patient and humor tends to be irritable.

Tinnitus is caused by many and very different causes and it is essential to determine which ones are them in order to face a treatment to erase the tinnitus completely. The patient must visit the otolaryngologist to be guided on how to solve it.

Among the most common causes are: a continuous exposure to a high noise, excessive earwax, some drugs, ototoxic substances, deterioration or infections of ear system or tumors, cardiovascular diseases, neurological problems, etc. Sometimes Tinnitus is a symptom of another disease that disappears when the disease is treated.

Tinnitus affects either young and old people, and both men and women. The treatment must be prescribed by specialists in medicine. Keep in mind that to diagnose tinnitus is not an easy task.

Whatever the state of patient some techniques of habituation to tinnitus can be effective. In this case the patient with tinnitus doesn’t sense the sound so his quality of life improves highly.

However numerous researches and clinical tests have been made over the years with the combination of Acupuncture and Laser Therapy based on auriculotherapy and have revealed interesting results especially in older adults. The effectiveness was found by significantly reducing the time of treatment with drugs.

One of these researches was made in 2009 in Surgery Hospital of Villa Clara (Cuba). This technique was effective in 38 of 50 patients.

Traditional Chinese medicine, and therefore the acupuncture argues that “the ears are the meeting place of all the meridians”. Because of this claim, the ears and the rest of the body is closely related, so the pathology or dysfunction of a particular organ can often be reflected through the meridians in the ears, also some alteration in the ears can be affected through the meridians to the appropriate organs.

This is how the holistic view of Traditional Chinese Medicine explains: it takes into account the whole body in the treatment.

Despite having connections with different organs and meridians, ears kept a closer relationship with physiological and pathological kidney, heart, gallbladder, liver and spleen. Traditional Chinese Medicine is evaluating tinnitus characteristics and physical and subjective symptoms associated.

From the data obtained from this evaluation, an analysis according to the differentiation of syndromes, most distinctive feature of Traditional Chinese Medicine, can distinguish several syndromes for the same disease, and therefore offer different treatments for the same condition.

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