Oxygen treatment, high body temperature and natural remedies

Oxygen treatment

This includes Localized Hyperthermia treatment induced by radiofrequency, systemic or full body hyperthermia induced by infrared, intravenous oxygen therapy and a combination of phytotherapy and naturopathy remedies.

How does hyperthermia cancer treatment work?

With Local Hyperthermia we induce heat with radiofrequency directly to the tumour area up to 42º Celsius degrees so we set up a self-termination sequence in cancer cells (process called Apoptosis). The abnormal cells cannot bear this temperature for a few minutes. On the other hand, molecules of oxygen and immune cells can be activated due to heat so they are more aggressive against tumours.

How does oxygen therapy work?

We infuse higher concentrations of O2 in vein with oxygen therapy (in every session O2 concentrations are increased according to the patient’s response) which get to the tumour area to counteract low levels of oxygen that are normally there. When oxygen molecules get to a previous treated area with local hyperthermia, they get activated creating an aggressive biological environment against tumour cells.

How is phytotherapeutic or naturopathic treatment determined for each patient?

After receiving the updated medical reports (such as diagnosis, images, biomarkers and blood results) and right after our previous medical consultation , our doctor decides the medical therapies needed for each case, in special our specific phytotherapy and natural remedies.

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What are the most common natural remedies?

Natural remedies that can be prescribed are the following

  • A combination of powerful and generic mushrooms for the immune system and specific ones for many types of tumours such as gastric ones, in the breasts, prostate and lungs.

  • Probiotics and Prebiotics to reinforce our microbial flora so we can digest better our food and as another immune system enhancement.

  • Nervous system regulators to release stress and anxiety due to the patient’s situation and regulate sleeping-waking cycle too.

  • Vitamins A, complex B, C, D3 and E, alongside with trace minerals and other essential elements which help the absorption of those vitamins and normalize many physiological processes.

  • Alkalizing and detoxifying natural products such as seaweed, plants rich in chlorophyll and berries.

  • Special formula with a high bio-availability curcumin.

  • Fatty acids such as Omega 3 essential for cell breathing.

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