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The Micro Immunotherapy is a type of natural treatment (using Homeophathy) that has the purpose to coordinate the communication and action between the components of the Immune System without impacting on the natural balance of the human body. The Micro-Immunotherapy stimulates the regenerative and regulating properties of the Immune System without blocking or replacing its functions. This way we can treat cancer and autoimmune diseases modulating the Immune System for that purpose.

This great therapy can be combined with any conventional or complementary medicine and at the same time it is recommendable to keep a healthy lifestyle to reinforce its benefits ( balanced food, good resting and some work out) with the purpose of reestablishing the balance and health at many levels.


  • Viral Infections and their consecuences: The purpose of the MI is to detect viruses on time to fight them. Their consecuencies can be for example: Monocleosis, Simplex and Zoster Herpes, and Human Papiloma Virus (HPV).
  • AutoImmune Diseases: Cases where the Immune System attacks by mistake our own cells, tissues and organs. Diseases like Lupus, Thyroiditis, and Crohn Diseases.
  • Cancer or Tumour Diseases (Oncological Processes): where our own mutated cells multiply uncontrollably avoiding the action of the Immune System which is not able to detect and destroy it on time, creating cancer. The MI Target is to boost and bioinform the Immune System Cells to enhace their response against tumour cells.
  • Inflammatory Processes: Inflammation is a physiological response which is necessary as a self-protection mechanism to remove pathogens, irritants and damaged cells within the body. But when the inflammation persists, it can become chronic and is associated with a wide variety of diseases such as arthritis. One of the targets of the MI is to get an efficient immune response against inflammation to avoid its persistence.
  • Stress-related Diseases: Stress can provoke myriads of diseases and can alter the immune system to reduce its activity. The MI target is to modulate or regulate the Immune System to have a better response against Stress.

The Protocol is easy to follow at home after a proper consultation to receive your set of Master Homeopathic Formulas to regulate different aspects of your Cancer or AutoImmune Process, aspects such as:

  • Immune Cells Activity
  • DNA Repair Mechanism
  • Apoptosis Mechanism (Natural Cell Death)
  • Deactivation of Oncogenes
  • Activation of Tumor Suppressor Genes/Proteins
  • Susceptibility to Viral Infections
  • Levels of Cortisol
  • Control of Angiogenesis (Creation of Blood Vessels)
  • Metastasis Inhibition.
  • Assimilation of Glucose by Tumour Cells and much more.

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MIT is an integrative medicine and has the following characteristics:

  • It is part of the scientific advances in natural medicine.
  • Used after biological tests of confirmed credit.
  • It is assisted by advance medicines.
  • It is highly appreciated because it is multidisciplinary.
  • And it is applied by competent professional therapist and physicians.

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