Biomedic Clinic has experience treating many diseases of different nature, although we are focused on in tumour, chronic and degenerative diseases.

Tumour diseases are the ones we have more experience at our integrative and natural medicine clinic since 2008. For almost 10 years we have been treating many types of tumours and chronic diseases in Spanish and international patients:


types of diseases, prostate cancer

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer, which has a component normally related to the masculine hormonal activity, environmental and lifestyle factors. We are focused on these factors as we can also treat the tumor as a consequence of them.

types of diseases, breast cancer

Breast cancer

Breast cancer, which can be hormone-dependant. Our approach will change according to the type, although it is easier to treat it using therapies like local hyperthermia because we know the location of the cancer. Its treatment is very similar to the prostate cancer’s treatment, as both of them are based on hormones. In any case we must also pay attention to factors like lifestyle, the environment and social causes.

Breast cancer, colon cancer

Colon cancer

Colon cancer, which we can treat combining a healthy diet with Deep local hyperthermia. Although Hyperthermia treatment has good results by itself, if we combine it with conventional therapies like chemo or radio we will increase in some proportion the effectiveness in every case.

Colon cancer, liver cancer

Liver cancer

Liver cancer, which we can be treated using IV infusions (serums) that can enhance (fix) the hepatic function (to normality) at the same time we oxygenate the tumour cells using standardized protocols. We will also use local and systemic (systematic) hyperthermia as they are great allies to attack any tumor directly and indirectly.

Colon cancer, lung cancer

Lung cancer

Lung cancer, which affects equally men and women but has an identical approach as long as it is located in one or both lungs. With micro-inmunotherapy we can personalize the treatment to stop the tumour cells’ growth but the core therapy is hyperthermia, with increasing potency in every session.

Types of diseases, Hodgkin and not-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Hodgkin and not-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

This lymphona is easily controlled with conventional medicine but we can combine this treatment with micro-immunotherapy and phytotherapy which have very positive results to control the disease.

Other tumour diseases

Like bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, bone cancer, etc. We use standardized and complementary treatments with conventional medicine that can help to reverse the tumour.

We don’t just treat tumours as they are a final consequence of the tumour process, we also search for the causes that may have provoked it. We use natural and integrative therapies that affect tumour growth as well as its causes such as genetic ones, the diet, lifestyle, psychology, inmunology, etc.

With our therapies we complement conventional medicine to increase their therapeutic effects and minimize possible secondary effects through integrative and natural medicine. We search for synergies between conventional and natural and integrative medicine. The combined effect can be much more powerful for individual cases and tumour processes.


Types of diseases, multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis

During the treatment of this disease, we protect the patient from a greater degeneration while we detox the biological environment around the nervious cells. Through regenerative medicine we can delay or reverse the degenerative process that this sickness is creating.

Types of diseases, parkinson disease

Parkinson disease

We treat the cause alongside the effects, with great possibilities of improvement using different therapeutic approaches. We also use different techniques within regenerative medicine like FEC therapy, which can protect and slow down the most affected cells inside the brain through this degenerative process.


Types of diseases, lyme disease

Lyme disease or borreliosis

We have our own protocols to treat this disease which has been poorly understood and diagnosed in the past. It hasn’t been diagnosed properly in the past and still in the present, but now we have European protocols of diagnosis to know its incidence and apply an effective combination of conventional, natural and integrative therapies. There are natural therapies which can destroy the defensive barrier that this bacterium create around itself so that the inmune system can recognise and attack it easily. We introduce this therapeutic techniques developed by professionals from other advanced countries which have largely researched this disease and we offer them here at our clinic for our patients who want a different and a more integrative approach for themselves.

As you can see, our integrative approach combines every therapeutic possibility for every case, customizing treatments and generalizing others which may be equally effective while modulating the intensity and frequency for every case.

Our therapies have been proven empirically and scientifically by hundreds of medical and therapeutical worldwide professionals, following the rules of the Spanish and European health system.

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